Intel & 22Miles Wayfinding Solutions and for Convention Centers

22Miles and Intel Wayfinding for Large Convention Centers Powered by the Intel, 22Miles provides Market Ready Wayfinding Solutions for Convention Centers. Powered by the Intel NUC & other Intel Players, 22Miles Wayfinding for Convention Centers and Large Arenas can create a unique and useful navigational experience within facilities of any size and [...]

Immersive Experiences

Awe-Inspiring Experiences It starts with the goal of providing visitors with an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Where you go from there is limited only by your imagination. 22Miles is the award-winning CMS that can power your imagination and create an immersive experience that is nothing short of amazing. Building Unbelievable [...]


  +  Planar display solutions, paired with 22Miles, are ideal for diverse applications from digital signage, and presentations to wayfinding, kiosks and more. Planar + 22Miles Planar display solutions combine performance, innovative features and impeccable craftsmanship to suit the unique needs of nearly every application. From the largest and highest [...]

22Miles Joins Sony’s Professional AV Alliance Partner Network

22Miles Named Latest Member of Sony Electronics’ Professional AV Alliance Partner Network 22Miles Provides Increased Power and Flexibility to Sony’s Professional Display Solutions. Peachtree, GA — August 17, 2023 — 22Miles, a global leader in experiential 3D wayfinding and digital signage technology, has aligned with Sony Electronics as a flagship [...]

22Miles July Press

22Miles July Press The 22Miles CMS had several appearances in July’s media, both on and offline. We’ve highlighted a few mentions from the month in this article. Check out the stories below to learn more about our award-winning platform. 22Miles Integrates with Webex by Cisco AV Nation published our announcement [...]

Content Still Rules at Schools

Content Still Rules at Schools Digital signage for education campuses holds tremendous potential in higher ed, offering benefits like wayfinding directions, campus communications, and fostering a sense of community. However, the crux of its effectiveness lies in the content it displays. In the following article, we explore the importance of [...]

Elevating Architecture with Digital Signage

Elevating Architecture with Digital Signage Enhancing built environments with bold finishes is important, but it shouldn’t end there. Digital signage design has the power to transform spaces into engaging and interactive experiences, using multimedia content such as videos, images, and animations to bring buildings to life and showcase their unique [...]

Wayfinding Digital Signage at Davidson-Davie Community College

Wayfinding Digital Signage at Davidson-Davie Community College Student population growth and logistics challenges required an infusion of wayfinding and digital signage technology throughout the school campus. 22Miles helped create an interactive campus experience for students and visitors at North Carolina's Davidson-Davie Community College. The administrative power of 22Miles CMS provides [...]

Immersive Digital Signage Experiences

Immersive Digital Signage Experiences Our adaptable digital signage solutions help enterprises increase sales, improve engagement, modernize offices, and reduce costs at the same time. 22Miles provides a unified platform that enables organizations to create interactive digital signage experiences and visual communications at any scale. We designed the world's most flexible [...]

Creating Welcoming Hotel Guest Experiences

Creating Welcoming Hotel Guest Experiences Digital signage can benefit both hotel guests and hotel staff. Which explains why the use of digital signage in hotels and resorts is exploding. To modernize your hotel guest and employee experiences, consider what a digital signage system can offer. In the article below, we [...]


  +  Designated Charter Member of Sony Electronics’ Professional AV Alliance Partner Network,  the 22Miles platform unlocks a world of robust solutions for digital signage, room booking, interactive wayfinding, digital directories, kiosks, and more. Sony + 22Miles 22Miles is a flagship member of Sony's AV Alliance Partner Network. The collaboration [...]


About InfoComm 2023 InfoComm 2023, one of the world's largest exhibitions for AV industry professionals, is quickly approaching. This year, the convention will occur in Orlando, Florida, Jun 10-16. We are super excited to exhibit at InfoComm 2023. And we can't wait to see you all there and showcase the [...]